August 31, 2006

Here it is - the new and improved is up and running! Check back often - I'll be doing updates to my resume and this news section. In the meantime, take a look around - you can view my resume on-line according to which specialty you're interested in - use the links at the left. You can also download a printable version of my resume by heading the downloads page. Or, just surf around and check out some of the photos of me in action in various plays and films. And don't forget to drop me a line through the contact form to let me know what you think!

May 05, 2007

On 4/23, I had a scene with Laura Linney for episode 2 of the untitled John Adams miniseries being produced by Tom Hanks for HBO.

On 5/3, I had a scene with John Krasinski in the feature film "Leatherheads," starring, directed, and produced by George Clooney.

I've known about these gigs since January, but couldn't record the info until the jobs were complete - bad luck to do otherwise.

Thanks for checking back...

February 09, 2008

I'm playing De Guiche in an excellent stage production of "Cyrano de Bergerac."

"Lone Wolf and Cub" sound familiar to you? I recently wrapped the English-dubbing of several characters in the 3 sequels retitled under the name "Shogun Assassin" including Retsudo, the lead heavy.

Finally, I'm currently voicing the head villain in the anime,"CLAMP School Detectives."

Are we sensing a theme friends?

Sam Raimi, please let me audition for The Lizard in the next Spidey flick.

September 24, 2008

Sooo... I tend not to write when nothing's happening. Guess what?

Thanks and fond salutations to my mentors who checked in with me last year - Bruce, Charles, and Eric - yours were the only e-mails I received regarding the site. Much appreciated. How about some news from ya'll?

Also, doing a play called "Toby Tyler." I play Ben, the strongman. Having a great time.

May 26, 2009

Friends, with 100 days to go, I'd like to announce my participation in DragonCon '09. While I haven't received a schedule, I will be discussing my experiences performing in anime, sci-fi, and horror. DragonCon is a sc-fi convention that happens every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA. I was a guest in '03 & '05, and have returned every other year for pure fun. Check out for more info on the BEST EVENT EVER.

August 08, 2009

Just completed shooting the horror short, "Lamaze of the Dead" and damn I had a great time. I'm black and blue and feeling undead myself right now, but it was sooo worth it. Mad props and thanks to Shawn Lewallen for trusting me with a lead. Fun was had by all, and we deliver a poignant message amidst ZOMBIE CARNAGE!

REMINDER: DragonCon '09 is in 23 days!!!

August 16, 2009

With 18 days to go before DragonCon, thought I'd share a little info about fellow guests I've worked with before. Robert Duncan McNeill directed me in an episode of "One Tree Hill." Michael Biehn is the Sherriff to my Deputy Beau in "Cherry Falls." I was John Schneider's stand-in and photo double for his guest spot on "Christy." Lexa Doig starred in "CI-5 The New Professionals" in which I guest starred. Finally, Peter Jurasik directed me in a stage production of "A Christmas Carol." We've also gone bowling.

August 29, 2009


1. The large albino DragonMan on Friday & Saturday night.

2. The tall guy with a shark eating his head @ the parade.

3. Jayne hat - Shere Kahn t-shirt .

4. "Superboy looks middle-aged!"

5. Not speaking @ any panels as DC has a boogaloo of great voice actors who didn't cancel. Might be filling in if they do, but as of today, I'm second team.

September 09, 2009

LotD made the top ten finalists of Chiller TVs 3 minute movie contest. Awesome ! Now we need your vote. You can watch it at the following:

September 13, 2009

Just had the first read through of a new short film I'm in called Regular Kids. It's an A+ story that still makes me tear up to this day. More as that develops...

Lamaze of the Dead is going strong and is now on youtube. You can jump there on my "Links" page, but don't forget to vote at . Voting ends 9/25 - spread the word and thanks.

March 02, 2010

"Lamaze of the Dead" finished 4th overall in the contest and aired on the Chiller Network over Halloween. A 7 minute version is being submitted to film festivals.

"Regular Kids" is in the final stages of post production - being prettied up for the festival circuit. Just guessing, but I doubt you'll see it paired with "LotD." My director and producers tell me good things ...

Currently, I'm portraying Prince John in a children's theatre production of "Robin Hood." My first time on stage with pal Zach and we are hamming a fantastic time.

And finally, I just had my one year anniversary of doing commercials for Advanced Metal Roofing. And still going strong...


July 04, 2010

I'm playing George in Neil Simon's "Chapter Two" beginning 7/8 for 3 weekends. It'll be at the new Big Dawg space on Castle St. This is my first lead in a decade and the most solid cast I could hope for. Add in Lee Lowrimore as director and I am in theatrical nirvana. Make your reservations, folks, we've been working our asses off.

"Regular Kids" is complete and being submitted to festivals.

"Lamaze of the Dead" - 6 minute is complete and the 3 minute is still viewable on YouTube. More on this later.

DragonCon '10 is looking good, but I will not be "guesting" this year, just playing. I'll be introducing DragonMan 3.0 and you'll learn what new club he's joined... he can show up to the DC group photo this year...

February 09, 2011

Turns out my director from "John Adams" is up for a Best Director Oscar for "The King's Speech." I hope he wins.